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Artwork Available @ Next Door Gallery, Geneva: 


If you are in Geneva, Switzerland and you want to get some of my latest prints or discover other artists, stop by Next Door Gallery. Really cool place, great artwork and great people. 

Spread the word and check out the link below and follow them on Instagram:

Artwork available at Naiise in Clark Quay Central, Singapore

August 2015


I just delivered some of my work at one of Naiise's store in Singapore. You can get yourself some prints at their Clark Qauy Central Store or you can also purchase directly on their website:


Go check out all the cool stuff they have in store, they also have some cool workshops going on the weekends. 




Collaboration: Book Cover for Samanta Schweblin

January 2015


This collaboration has been a great encounter with Samanta Schweblin, an Argentinian writer. This is once in a lifetime opportunity that I was excited to be part of. 


The book is having a lot of success, so I can only Samanta and her work a lot success around the world.





Collaboration: Old Skools for Antiz Skateboards

September 2014


This is one of my dreams coming true, designing a set of decks for a skateboard brand, and in this case even better, it was for Antiz Skateboards of which I am a big fan. Thanks to Hugo at Antiz and the team for making this come true. 


If you want to get yourself one or want to know more about Antiz, check them out:




Wall Street Journal Asia: Patrice Ganda at the Chinatown Vinyl Squad

March 2014


Wall Street Journal Asia released an article on the Chinatown Vinyl Squad here in Singapore. Check it out, and I also had my work and my words featured in the article in the slideshow section. Just click on the link below.


Chinatown Vinyl Squad article in the WSJ Asia 




Patrice Ganda's Artwork Available on

March 2014


You can find most of my artwork on! This is exciting news, so make sure to check out the website. If you have any questions about the artwork, feel free to contact me or contact Art Loft directly.


There will be an art show on April 10th, but will give you more details when available.






Leaf Skateboards Collaboration Deck: "Fishy Friend"

March 2014


Here is a photo of the latest skateboard collaboration I made with Leaf Skateboards. It's called "Fishy Friend" and is an edition of 30. You can see a bigger picture on my Collaboration page. If you are interested in getting yourself one, contact me or contact Leaf Skateboards directly.



Artwork at Sultans of Shave, Singapore

February 2014


I am pleased to let you know that I have some artwork on exhibition at Sultans of Shave, and if you like what you see there, the artwork is available for sale, just ask Lewis. Also, if you are looking for a cool barber shop in Singapore, I can definitely recommend this place as I went there last week to get shaved and had a really good time.


Check out the Photos

Patrice Ganda at the "Chinatown Vinyl Squad" Art Show

March 2014


I am pleased to announce that I am exhibiting at the "Chinatown Vinyl Squad, a collective art show organized by Kult Gallery, in Singapore. I will be on March 29th in Chinatown as of 5pm until...


34 artists have defaced vinyl covers from the 70's, so this a great opportunity to see the amazing talents that are around Singapore. Make sure to stop by!

Patrice Ganda at MAAD, March 7th, Singapore

March 2014


I will be exhibiting again at MAAD on March 7th, in Singapore. It will take place at the Red Dot Design Museum, from 5pm to midnight, so I hope to see many of you there.

Patrice Ganda selected by UNIK SG for a design competition 

February 2014


I have one of my artwork selected by UNIK SG in Singapore for a design competition. I need your support by going on The Kase SG facebook page and like my design: The KASE Singapore


With the most "Likes" and I will be able to move on to the next phase of the competition. Please like and share the link with all your friends!

MAAD at the Red Dot Design Museum, Singapore

February 2014

The February edition of MAAD was my first time, it was a great time to meet and discuss with other artists and designers. I will certainly attend the following edition, which will take place March 7th, same place and same time.


I look forward to seeing you all there!


Pure Evil Gallery in London

December 2013

Pure Evil (Charles Edwards) was one of the first art galleries that provided me the opportunity to exhibit my artwork. Since 2012, I have been visiting London to share my artwork with the wonderful people of the UK.  My artwork has the caught the eyes of many and the reception has been tremendous.  A big THANK YOU! to Pure Evil and the people of the UK.  If you are in London, feel free to stop the gallery!

Marché Sans Puces in Geneva

December 2013


In November, 2013 I was chosen to exhibit my work at the "Marché Sans Puces" in Geneva (Switzerland), which takes place 4 times a year. The experience was amazing due to the location and the wonderful people that came to admire my art and speak to me.  Thank you to all, that took the time to stop by. 


I will definitely be attending in the future, so if you are in Geneva, Switzerland check out the "Marché Sans Puces".




Large Painting for Window Display in Divonne, France

August 2013


One of my first opportunities to do an original piece of work came when I met the guys from “Art of Apparel”.  Art of Apparel is street wear shop in Divonne (France).  They specialize in street wear brands that not only appeal to the street artist in me but, the skate boarder that longs to ride every single hand rail I see.  They challenged me to come up with a window display that spoke to their customers while providing an interesting frame to their store entrance.  By using my collage techniques and a bit of freehand brush work, I created this piece in 4 days.  If you are every in Divonne (France) stop by and take a look. 

Collaboration with Leaf Skateboards
June 2013

For the last 20 years, skateboarding has lived in my blood. During that time I always dreamed of designing and releasing my own line of skateboards that displayed my artwork.  In 2013, this dream came true with Leaf Skateboards!  Working closely with Leaf Skateboards, we selected 3 different designs for collaboration.  We have two released to the public today and in spring of 2014 we will be releasing the 3rd and final design.  Keep an eye on Leaf Skateboards if you want to pick up one of these decks.  

"Marché des Artisans" in Nyon, Switzerland
May 2013

My artwork has always appealed to a younger generation.  In an attempt to reach a more mature group and to expose more individuals to my style and message I signed up for the "Marché des Artisans" In Nyon (Switzerland).  The market is held on a monthly basis in front of a shopping mall in Nyon.  During the market I had the opportunity to speak to many people about my artwork discussing my technique, inspirations, and plans for the future.  It would be safe to say that my work appeals to many age groups. 



Collaboration with Fibretec Longboards
March 2013

After a long life of skate boarding I started to experiment with long boarding.  This new obsession quickly led to an interest in getting my artwork on a long board.  After meeting Reinke from Fibretec Longboards, it was decided that my style and artwork would make a great addition to their long board designs.  We settled on the “Choose Your Fate” piece and laid it to rest on a limited edition Fat’n Flat Longboard.   Receiving a sample in the mail was a fantastic moment but, even more exciting after I kitted it out and went bombing down a hill on it! 



Collaboration with Karmic Revolution Clothing
March 2013

One of my first collaborations was with the clothing company, Karmic Revolution.  The gang from KR contacted me back in 2012 after they caught some of my work online and they were interested in putting my work on their fabric.  After hearing their pitch and their interest in organic fabrics and sustainable development / production, I was more than ready to work with them.   I provided numerous designs to their product line and if you look closely, you can see my work walking around Switzerland and France.