I have been asked a few times to talk about myself, to explain “who I am”, and to explain “what is my art”.  I never know what to say when I am asked these questions because my art is just what it is.  It is a progression of images and ideas expressed over time, it is a function of my ever changing ability to use certain artistic tools.  I have many ideas floating in my head but, translating them to a medium will only happen when I understand how I can do so.  Hand a child a crayon, a pencil, a marker for the first time and watch them create.  Over time they will discover the nuances and abilities of the medium.  Day after day their style and their level of expression will change.  This is the case for anyone that expresses themselves through art.   


I had spent most of my childhood and early adulthood skateboarding and enjoying the art of others.  After quite a few accidents on my skate board I decided to focus my attention on my other passion, art.  For myself, I began screen printing in 2008 during a particular harsh winter in Chicago. 

I became enamored with the simplicity of the colors and the textures of screen printing and began creating as many pieces as possible during my free time.  I continually practiced and my skills and improved to a point where I could create almost anything I could imagine.  It is my challenge now to explore other mediums, surfaces, and subjects so that this becomes an endless road of learning, discovering, and pure artistic enjoyment.  The best thing about all of this…. people genuinely like my work. 


Beyond the present and looking forward, who knows? I aspire to explore and learn new art techniques to further delve into my creativity and to share my ideas and feelings. I would like to work on more collaborations and be part of more art shows throughout the world where I can meet people that share in my passion for art.


If you want to talk around a cup of coffee or if you want to discuss any possible collaboration, art shows, or anything else, do not hesitate to contact me. contact me.





Patrice Ganda


When I was kid, I loved ripping apart old newspapers and magazines, only to  combine them together to make collages.  By taking advantage of the colors, fonts, pictures, and textures I could create these fascinating explosions of communication.  When my screen printing adventure started, I began to look back at my childhood and decided I would begin printing on these collages.  Once again, like a flashback, I found myself shredding papers and creating these explosions, so I could print my new fascinations right on top of them.  


Another love of mine is old aged wood.  The wood tells a story and I wanted every aspect of my work to tell a story; nothing left untouched.  So, if you see my work, pay attention to the details..you might be surprised to find a small story hidden in the corners and background. 


Another love that I have is for street art.   Call it what you want, “graffiti”, “tagging”, it is very much art.  All over the world people mark and cover their surroundings with the images and symbols that speak to them and the society the surrounds them.  What is more personal and exposing than putting your art up on the side of a building for all to share and enjoy.  There is evidence in some of the small towns of Switzerland and France that Patrice Ganda has been sharing HIS work.  Whether its large posters, stencils, or stickers; you may find my work haunting alley ways, underpasses, or a few buildings in Europe.